Art Deco is the leitmotif of Shanghai's architecture, distinguishing its most significant buildings. It is impossible not to encounter a minimal influence walking around the Old French Concession. It's strong presence influence started the path towards patterning our fabrics with geometries inspired by Art Deco motifs. The Shanghai20 fabric collection inspired by this exuberant and avant-garde movement celebrates the style that defined modernity and progress in the early 20th century, and that fascinates and inspires artwork to this very day.

The most influential pieces of architecture in our designs are the iron works, with their linear defined geometries and delicate and intricate lattice. The iron work principle has been applied in abstracting a botanical and a mineral elements, the tulip and the diamond, creating a collection both romantic and sober, with delicate pastel colors balanced by the sharpness of the graphic. 

art deco
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