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The Brand


HALFDROP is a Romanian design brand that creates fabric designs and products for interiors.It is an architect's vision on how patterns relate to interior spaces, to a daily life that is this wonderful mix of utility and aesthetics.

The HALFDROP story started in the late months of 2015, challenging a great distance and time difference between Shanghai and Bucharest and the difficulties of a long-distance friendship. The brand was officially launched in 2016 with the participation in the Romanian Design Week, as a part of the Designer's Shop.
The key concepts that define HALFDROP are balance, contrast, complementarity. They define our work as a team as well, by using our differences and particular visions to the best advantage.

We chose as the main product the décor pillow, a useful, flexible, accessible accessory, and a key element of the contemporary interior.

The Designers: architects with a preference


Alexandra Lazarescu

Shanghai, with its energy and vibe, and my life in Asia, inspired me to put my creativity and artistic instincts into the Halfdrop project, a name that represents the architect’s point of view in home décor textile designs.


Alexandra Petrache

My life in Bucharest, this city of contrasts and endless surprises, has been from the beginning influenced by a mix of factors: contemporary art, eclectic architecture, underground creative events, resourceful and daring people. 

How it's made


We use digital printing for all our fabrics, as it is an eco-friendly non-wasteful process, which can deliver the expected results in a more time and cost efficient manner, independently of the ordered quantity. Our drawings and designs take a life of their own once printed onto the cotton.

We recommend hand wash cold whenever possible, both for extending the color's lifespan and also for maintaining your products fabric structure. We would like you to enjoy our creations for a long time, at their best quality.

Pillows, table linen, curtains? We manufacture all our products in a medium size atelier, where time efficient delivery is less important than skillful craftsmanship. We pay attention to details, and treat every object individually, in terms of cutting the fabric, pattern placement, detail stitching and quality control.



The various cultures encountered during travels, the immersing in the local daily life and the richness of color, textures, and sensations, they inspired us and they served as references for creating HALFDROP as an interior design fabrics brand.

Before the pillow, there was the fabric!

It all began with the passion for patterns, the fascination with textile, pottery and decorative motifs, either traditional or contemporary. We enjoy their pure-close to art form more than we could have imagined. Before they become pillows they can be anything, they aren't subjected to any template-they just are. So have a look at what used to be and compare to what it has become: from fabric to pillow.

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Want to know more about our products or looking for a bespoke design? We are here to make sure you get what you are looking for or even for that special thing you didn't even realize you need.

Let's create something awesome together. Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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