HALFDROP textile design

Before the pillow there was the fabric

How it started


Halfdrop is a project that started in the last months of 2015. We had a lot of time on our hands, testing, figuring out mistakes and improvements. But definitely it was one of the most interesting times, because beginnings are time frames devoid of rules. Until the actual need of finalising the product we had in mind, we got to play with the "in-between", the "what if's", the "how would it look like if". So we took the newly received fabrics and went around a few traditional urban areas in Shanghai's Former French concession.

We enjoy their pure-close to art form more than we could have imagined. Before they become pillows they can be anything, they aren't subjected to any template-they just are. So have a look at what used to be and compare to what it has become: from fabric to pillow. 

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