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mosaic yellow placemat
mosaic yellow placemat
mosaic yellow placemat

Mosaic yellow placemat set


Product: Placemat with backing 4 pcs
Product code: PMMY1316
Pattern name: Mosaic yellow
Dimension: 30x40cm
Front fabric: 100% Cotton
Backing fabric: 100% Cotton


About Mosaic yellow

Hand printed original graphic replicated through digital print on cotton fabric. The composition suggests an abstract mosaic image composed by a square tile in white ink on a mustard yellow background, creating the image of the Mosaic yellow pattern. Suitable for a pastel-colored interior, or a monochrome interior with accent color decorations. Combine with other Mosaic alternatives for a fun color mix.
Hand block printing is one of the oldest forms of complex fabric decoration, capable of repeating intricate design on endless lengths of cloth. The individual gesture used for each print action also transfers to the fabric the personal touch of the person performing this craft, with small irregularities and “mistakes” that add to the quality and uniqueness of the final fabric.
This collection translates the hand printed pattern onto fabric using digital manipulation techniques, maintaining the charm and appearance of a hand crafted item through digital prints of a complex pattern, created specifically for the surface of each product.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 0.5 cm

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